Located within Mission Hills Resort, China’s National 5A-Level Tourist Attraction, the Mission Hills Sports & Eco Park covers an area of 220,000m2 and is presently the only theme park in Shenzhen North integrating eco-tourism, sports, leisure and entertainment.
Nestled amidst lush greenery and picturesque scenery, the MH Sports & Eco Park appeals to tourists with its green concepts and facilities. Akin to a nature classroom, it features breathtaking reservoir scenery, forests and green lawns, interesting decorations using recycled tyres, mountain biking tracks and other beautiful landscapes. A distinctive and attractive feature of the park is the parent-child themed facilities including ann open air Children's Castle, Carousel, Zip Line, Mini Zoo & Botanical Garden, Eco Gallery, Wishing Wall, Little Artists’ Galleries, Children's Putting Green, BBQ and many more, making it the perfect weekend destination for families.
For sports lovers, the park boasts a world-renowned tennis center. All 18 tennis courts, including the 3,000-seat Center Court, are designed according to International Tennis Federation’s standards. Asia’s longest 10-kilometer cross-country cycling trail with challenging twists and turns provides an adventure for professional cyclists; while visitors with basic riding experience can explore a fun ride around the less challenging areas. A range of other exciting activities including Archery, Basketball, Futsal, Soccer, Beach Volleyball, CS Experience Zone, Grove Adventure Play, Team Building games and other sports keep visitors coming back.
The Sports & Eco Park will welcome two two major attractions – the Motorized Amusement Zone and Military Training Area, including Shenzhen's first life-size Gothenburg Ghost Ship, Ferris Wheel, Sky Cycling, Shooting Hall, Windmill Kingdom, Bumper Car, Pirate Ships, Rafting, Alishan Train, Fishing, Feeding Fish Pond and Stall Games Carnival. With such comprehensive facilities, this is no doubt the top choice for parents looking for wholesome family fun!
The park is complete with dining, spa and fitness facilities brought to you by the Shenzhen Catic Wellness Club, Minmaxs Education Center, The Sweet Dynasty restaurant and casual dining Patio Café. Right next to the park is the Mission Hills Golf Academy with over 80 golf driving bays, four coaching areas and one short game area with two greens. Mission Hills’ professional PGA coaches are trained to develop the fundamentals for beginners and hone the skills of those with a desire to go further. With an extensive range of classes from private golf lessons to summer camps and group activities, there is one to suit the needs and goals of every aspiring or experienced golfer.
With MH Mall just across the street from the park, entertainment and dining options are aplenty. Shenzhen’s newest shopping paradise houses a collection of global flagship and concept stores of both new-to-market and established brands including entertainment facilities Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinema, Brunswick Bowling Alley, Ice Castle International Training Center; and fashion and lifestyle brands H&M, MUJI, Nike, Adidas and more. There are also many popular gourmet food options such as Faigo Hotpot, Zen Too, DingGe Sichuan Hotpot, Fishpond, Starbucks, and Baesan to satisfy all palates. Mission Hills Sports & Eco Park has become a one-stop tourist destination integrating dining, shopping, leisure, and sports & games to create happy, healthy and harmonious lifestyles for all
Guide Map
  • 1. Do not litter.
  • 2. Do not tamper with the vegetation, wildlife and their living environment.
  • 3. No fishing.
  • 4. Cycle in designated bike trails only.
  • 5. Keep your pets safely restrained.
Opening hours:
【Scenic ticket business hours】09:00--18:00
【Venue opening hours】07:00-22:00
Attention:Please evacuate in an orderly manner to sheltered areas in case of bad weather or other emergency evacuations.
Park Regulation
To create a beautiful and harmonious environment, and help us to serve you better, please abide by these park regulations.
  • 1. Admission is by ticket only.
  • 2. Please preserve the natural landscapes and protect park facilities.
  • 3. Keep the environment clean and tidy. Place all litter in the provided receptacles.
  • 4. Please look after children, elders and the disabled.
  • 5. Please mind your personal belongings.
  • 6. Respect other visitors.
  • 7. Do not feed the animals.
  • 8. Keep your pets under control.
  • 9. Do not conduct any illegal activities. No selling of goods or other items (except by special permit).
  • 10. Please follow the guidelines, and evacuate to safe shelter in case of bad weather or other emergency evacuations.
Mission Hills
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